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Black Dagger Brotherhood: Boxed Set #1-6 - J.R. Ward All things considered this is not a bad series. It's just not a good series. Still, sometimes you just want fries with that, and this is like a Big Mac. You know it's not good for you but it tastes okay going down. Most of the time, anyway.

If all you want is "tune in and drop out" entertainment, read The Black Dagger Brotherhood now. It's not really anything you haven't read before (save a tweak here and there) but even with its stereotypical ideas of what's male and female it can be a fun ride sometimes. It's a real plus that Ward doesn't hate other women like Laurell K. Hamilton seems to, so they actually exist in the series and not necessarily as add-ons or afterthoughts juxtaposed as therapeutical devices for Sue-shining.

To her credit, Ward pays closer attention to the world she creates than most popular authors do and she also does a fair job of fleshing out characters; although over time, I think they start to lose their individuality. The real problem is that she sounds like a middle-aged woman trying too hard to be younger and "cool" when the characters are supposed to be young women, professional women and century-old vampires. Clearly, you can see the problem here. If you can forgive this or you yourself are a middle-aged woman trying to be cool then Ward's speaking your language and you'll probably like this series.

If Ward could only stop interjecting her out-dated ideas of what's trendy into the details I think this series would have turned out a lot better. Borrow a friend's copy or grab it at the library. The stories can make a fun travel or beach read.