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Chrome Themes: The Jeremy Fisher Collection

Making Chrome themes is addictive, especially when it makes someone I know happy, and who doesn't love free Chrome Themes?

My friend Jess had  recently switched to the Iron Browser and I asked if she'd seen any of the many available themes online. She confessed she hadn't had the spare time to browse themes but seemed unenthusiastic about it.

I asked, "If you could dress your new browser in anything, what would you choose?"

She responded immediately and with great zeal, "Chubby, happy frogs!" She continued, "Have you heard of Jeremy Fisher?" At first I was confused, but then she explained,  "You know, the Beatrix Potter frogs."

Beatrix Potter?  Of course, I thought to myself.

"English country gentlemen; the kind in waistcoats," she continued.  "Especially fishing." She was obviously quite the fan and, listening to the joy in her voice, I knew I had to do something about it.

And why not? I had a little spare time.

I couldn't resist the lure of the public domain and the thought of making her something she really wanted became a mini-mission.

Using Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, I made some "chubby, happy frogs in waistcoats" themes and, if you like them, you have Jess to thank.

The Jeremy Fisher Collection